Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let it Snow!

Snow! It began yesterday as freezing rain. My 60 min. drive home took two hours. The top speed I could make was 35 mph. The windshield iced even though I had the heater on full bore with the wipers going. At one point I had to stop and break ice off the wipers so they could scrape a small space for me to see out.

The roads were too icy to go to work today, so I telecommuted. Wow! This is wonderful! I have the greatest job in the world. I've never had this option before! Look at the picture below this entry to see how I spent my day -- on the computer with my tea beside me. It began snowing about noon and has just barely stopped as I write this. I wouldn't rule out that it might start again -- we're under a heavy snow warning until 6 AM tomorrow morning.

Pat and Hagar have had too much fun today. Pat is originally from Eugene, Oregon then he married a gal from Dallas and moved there. Neither place gets much snow. The last time he saw this much snow was 1968 --when he was a junior in high school. Hagar just loves it 'cause it's his kind of weather. He thinks he's a Husky instead of a German Shepherd. After about three inches had fallen, they had to go out and run around in it. Hagar put his nose down and played bulldozer for a few feet then nearly dropped down and rolled in the snow. Who knows what he would have done, but he got distracted by another dog walking down the street. (Hagar's extra alert pose in the above picture is courtesy of the strange dog.)

It's 10:21 now. The snow seems to have stopped. Pat measured the snow in the front yard -- 10 inches -- and the back yard -- 11 inches. The WIBW weatherman said Waverly got 8 inches. Oh, well... Pat is still delighted to see so much of the white stuff. He didn't run out to make a snowman, but he did pop Christmas carols on the CD player and pull out the Christmas tree. Hey -- it's Christmas weather.

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