Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Look at it now!

The bathroom is 90% complete. The only things left are to build the storage shelves that will go behind the door and to finish the trim work above the window and door. Oddly enough, Pat has a mental block about that trim. He keeps forgetting it. (But I don't!)

I wonder if it is a guy-thing? Dad didn't mind building things, but he wanted Mom and I to paint them. Pat enjoys getting the big jobs done, such as the living room walks and windows, but three years later, the woodwork has still not been replaced. He hasn't added the metal trim to the outside of the windows either. The roll of coil and the break are waiting in the lean-to of the garage. About half of the oak lumber we need for the woodwork has been sitting in the garage for nearly two years, too.

I really think it's a guy-thing. I try not to push too hard (guys get stubborn when you push), but I'll get him back to it in the fullness of time. Right now I want the bathroom finished.