Saturday, April 11, 2009

Garden time!!

Rey and Uncle Joe and Lisa went to one of Lisa's friends in Topeka and brought back half a trailer of dried horse manure for the garden. Pat and Rey spread it the next weekend. It covered 1/3 of our 25x90' garden. Pat says THAT is where we plant the corn! If we don't get corn this year, I do believe the man will cry. He does love fresh corn.

Pat planted the cherry trees and the blackberries that arrived from Gurney's Seed Co. after the manure was in place. We had enough left to add to the holes for the trees and bushes. We now have 8 blackberry bushes planted, a Black Tartarian cherry and a Bing cherry as well as the 4-in-one apple tree we planted last year. The trees are all dwarf trees. They will be a more manageable size when grown.

I'm going to be getting seeds in the ground as quickly as I can. I feel like we are already nearly a month behind for some things. I do wish we had a tiller of our own, but that's still in the future.