Friday, February 24, 2012

Dog is My Co-Pilot

One reason I traded my Camaro convertible for a PT Cruiser after we came to Kansas was my furry friend. I had a German Shepherd named Hagar at the time. If you browse the files, you'll find pictures of him. In the fall of 2009 I was claimed by a half Chow/half terrier little girl promptly named Charming. She is my co-pilot any time it is possible for her to go along. She even has her own seat belt! There is a short leash that clips onto her harness. It fits into the backseat seat belt holder.

Lala and laughing Shadow
In September 2011, Joe and Lisa became over-the-road truck drivers. I am taking care of Shadow for them. Shadow doesn't mind. He's the family dog for anyone named Evans. Jen and her children rescued him from the Yates Center Pound when they lived in Iola. After they couldn't keep him, he came to live with me. I felt he was too large, too young and too bouncy for me, so Joe and Lisa took him to the farm. Shadow LOVED running free on 30 acres. However, that didn't last, and he's back home with me. (I don't think it will last long. He and Lala are renewing an old bond. He's all hers. She is as smitten as he is.)
Brooklyn, Shadow and Charming

In October 2011, Jen's heart was stolen by a terrier mix named Brooklyn. Brookie follows Jen everywhere. She sleeps on Jen's bed. She keeps Jen company wherever she is. Our canine home is complete.

So now when we go for a drive -- called Ridies by the initiated -- Lala finds the backseat a bit crowded, but she doesn't complain. Her siblings in fur deserve to go, too.