Saturday, November 18, 2006

Properly Victorian

It's nippy this morning. We sat the heater low while we were sleeping and it hasn't regained it's momentum since we've been up.

I'm feeling properly Victorian as I sit here at my oak roll-top desk in my 103 year old house. I'm wrapped in a shawl (this one is hand crocheted. I can't remember if I made it or Mom did). I have a cup of hot tea and a toasted English muffin beside me. In honor of the mood I'm using one of my Mom's good China cups -- the one with the pink roses on it with the gold trim. It's a real tea cup, saucer and all, not a clunky mug. Aren't I a proper lai-dee?

We won't mention the stacks of packing boxes lining the room... I'll face those later today. Pat painted the living room yesterday, so now I can put up pictures. We'll have quite a rogue's gallery. I've found at least four boxes of framed photos.

I've been up since 5:30. Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor getting a gal up on her day off. I let Hagar, the German Shepherd, and two of the tomcats out before I went to the bathroom. The dog and one cat were back before I could get the door closed. See? I said it was nippy out there.

I've been sipping tea, reading email and working on my blogs for two hours. Now the rest of the family is stirring. Pat is up. Hagar is swearing HE hasn't ever been outside. Morris came in and Midnight went back out. Dewey sits in his chair watching this nonsense. being aloof as only a cat can be. Furball and Freddy are in here keeping me company. They've been playing tag on one of the boxes. I should find warm clothes and get the day started. It's been nice having this quiet time. Maybe I'll do it again some Saturday morning.

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