Saturday, October 12, 2013

ESU Homecoming 2013

Homecoming! I haven't been to Emporia State's homecoming in several years. Maybe I made it in 2006 when we first moved home, but I can't remember. Carol Bishop, my college roommate, and her sister Carla didn't let me forget this year. Far in advance we made plans to meet for Homecoming, take in the Oktoberfest on Friday night and the Homecoming Musical on Saturday.

I took granddaughter Lala with me. She wasn't sure how she would feel about hanging out with Aunts Carol and Carla as well as Grandma. She'd be the only teen there. (horrors!)  However, a promise of Chinese food at her favorite restaurant before the play clinched the deal. She was coming.

The musical was a tribute to the music of the 50s with an Elvis look-alike (I kept thinking about the Fonz) helping and hindering the love lives of a small Texas town. Lala was enchanted!

We four made a pact that we will all get together next year to take in the Homecoming musical together. Lala is all for it. Hanging out with Grandma and her friends is Cool!

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