Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family Updates

My silly girls
Just a few lines about my kids. Granddaughter Lala is growing up. She is 13 and her mom is 33, but folks who see this picture wonder if they are sisters. Of course, that hurts Jen's feelings. :)

Joe and Lisa's new home
Joe and Lisa changed jobs last September and became team drivers for a long-haul trucking firm. Here is their new home.  You can see Lisa got to settling in immediately. That's a mini-refrigerator she's moving into the cab. We have a friend who is a full-time RVer. He knows the difficulty of pu
Lisa settles in
shing a high profile vehicle down the road. His first comment when he heard the kids were driving a big rig was, "I want to see Miz Lisa drive that thing!"
So here you go, Jesse. Lisa driving:
Lisa drives

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