Sunday, August 29, 2010

No Lion, Witch or Wardrobe

My grandson Reyes was my foster son for most of 2009. (He now lives with his father.) Reyes used the west bedroom, which was my bedroom when I was a kid.

That bedroom has never had a closet. When this house was built in 1903, people used pieces of furniture called "wardrobes" for closets. The wardrobe that was in my room in the 1960s was a cardboard invention from World War II. It wasn't too sturdy and didn't hold much. I could get everything I owned in it. That sure wouldn't happen today!

When Reyes took the room, I asked my son, Joe, to build Reyes something to hold his clothes. Joe says he cobbled this together out of 2x4s. It's just temporary. Typical of Joe, this "temporary" solution will last for years.

I plan to stain and varnish it to match the new woodwork (when I get woodwork.)

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