Saturday, February 28, 2009


The cobbler's kids go without shoes. Pat is a professional handyman, but our own projects get done when we have the time and the money. We have been without a bathroom sink since just before Thanksgiving. It's now the first weekend in Lent. I don't know which of us wants the sink back more -- me so I can wash my face and brush my teeth, or Pat so he can comb his hair and shave.

There only seemed to be two choices for pedestal sinks: dinky or huge. We chose huge. Pat had to go under the house to re-route the plumbing, but everything is ready to install the sink -- except. There is always an "except."

The wall needs to be finished before the sink goes in. I want subway tile in the bathroom and kitchen, so we first had to find subway tile. I thought it would be a big challenge, but we found a tile store in Topeka that sells it wholesale. We did more looking and found it even cheaper at Home Depot.

Pat and I both like blue, so my first inclination was to trim the bathroom in blue, then it registered that the shower stall is beige, not dirty white. (Ok, I'm not that awake when I'm showering. I never paid attention to its color.) Doing the bathroom in snow white tile with blue trim would look odd with a beige shower. Hm... So add bone trim! We can carry the bone and white theme into the kitchen and use blue for the accent color. Dang! I'm good!

The wall behind the sink is now finished and Pat is working on the wall under the window as I type. After the wall is dry, we'll add the grout and be ready to install the sink. Oh, happy day!

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