Sunday, April 20, 2008


It's so great! My lilacs are blooming!

I have waited for years to have lilacs again. They wouldn't grow in our part of Texas or Arizona. I had to run outside immediately to pick some and bring them in. This bush is particularly special because Mom took a start from the one that grew on the west side of Grandpa Hull's place. Grandpa's bush went away when the house was torn down, but we still have the lilacs.

I didn't realize the bushes took so long to grow. This one is a little less than 5 ft. high. It only had 5 blooms this year. As it gets older and fuller, there will be more blooms.

Last year we had frost after the buds formed. It killed the blooms. I wasn't going to have that happen this year. I have waited far too long for the smell of lilacs. When the buds started forming, I listened to the weatherman. If he predicted frost, I ran out and threw a blanket over my lilacs.

Ah! the wonderful smell of lilacs. I have a vase of them beside my rocker. What heavenly perfume! It was worth it.

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