Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Farmer Jones

Garden time! I love spring!

Pat has never gardened before. He has prided himself that he is "not a farmer!" But he is really getting into the spirit of things this year. Last Fall our neighbor Merle plowed a section of Mom's garden when he plowed his own garden.

Pat was amazed to see Merle's tractor listing to one side with each pass. Then he walked out to inspect the newly turned earth. "It's 2 ft. deep! He dug that ground nearly to China!!" The garden sat during the winter with the snow adding nitrogen to the turned earth and the freeze and thaw of the season breaking up the clods.

Come spring, our tiller wasn't working, so we rented one in Burlington and smoothed out the garden. Pat also dug me an asparagus bed and a strawberry bed. We're starting small with only about 1/3 of Mom's garden tilled. Today we planted potatoes and onions. Later we will put in English peas, pole beans, corn, pumpkin, watermelon and cantaloupe as well as carrots and tomatoes.

You can see Flat Lala helping Grandpa plant potatoes and onions.

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