Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Piano Movers

Talk about moving! Skip and Patty had been storing my piano. They took it home with them after Dad died because we weren't sure what we would be doing with the house. SO... last March Pat and I visited Nacogdoches and loaded the piano to return it to Kansas. This is a well traveled 700 lb. piano. Skip took it from Kansas to Louisiana to Texas and I'm taking it back to Kansas. Pat and I felt ever ounce of that piano's weight when the two of us unloaded it.

We were doing fine. He backed the pickup up to the front porch and we propped the front door open. The piano wheeled right onto the porch and there she stopped. She couldn't get over the threshold. We ended up making a ramp of plywood to bring the piano up the small incline of the threshold then levering it with bigger boards to get it across. All of this with me being the push power and Pat being the lift power. Boy! I was sure wishing Joe was around right about then. (It was dawn of March 26, and there was no way Joe would even be awake, let alone the fact that he lived 30 miles away. Still, I wished he was there.)

We had driven half a day to get to Nacogdoches. We left Skip's about 6 PM and drove the entire night to get to Waverly. We arrived at dawn and unloaded the piano. The plan was to sleep there, then return to Texas. Unfortunately, the heat wasn't on and it was 32 degrees in the house. There weren't enough blankets in the house to get comfortable in bed, so we just crawled back into the pickup and headed south. About 36 hours after we left Grand Prairie, we were back. Our bed looked really inviting. Pat told me if I had any more wild hare ideas about taking pianos to Kansas, he'd shoot me.

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